Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In my makeup bag

So lately I've been reading a few beauty blogs which have been very helpful in regards to tutorials and such. Of course everybody has different skin and so I don't really go to them for product recommendations. I like experimenting and trying things out for myself. And today for some reason I thought doing a "what's in my bag" post instead of an outfit post was a good idea, so here it goes.

This is what I use and carry around on a daily basis..sort of

3.Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder  (I use 245 which is a shade darker than the foundation)
4. Flirt! brushes from Kohl's (no longer available online)
5. Maybelline Fit Me Blush (308 deep nude)
6. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation (235; Fit Me collection available at any drugstore)
7. This is a Maybelline mascara but I can't seem to find it only and as you can see the name has worn off. All I know is that the shade is Very Black.
8. Rimmel London Lycra Lash Extender Mascara (I have two mascaras because I just bought this one after hearing some good things about it..let's see how it works out)
9. Eyeliner pencil sharpener
11. Maybelline Baby Lips (Cherry Me)
12. NYC Eyeliner (Jet Black; I use this in combination with a Stila black eyeshadow to make it last longer)
13. Sephora Compact Mirror

Man that's quite a bit of things to be carrying around, but then again I need an excuse to keep buying bigger purses!

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