Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spring Trends Part II

A little late but here is part two of what I think will be some seriously awesome spring trends.

The asymmetrical skirt:

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I've seen this skirt pop up in other blogs since early fall in neutral colors, mainly black, but I think that as soon as spring weather comes, so will the colorful skirts.

The slouchy peg pant:

I like these pants because they work perfect for both a professional wardrobe or a more casual wardrobe. Wear them with a nice blazer and you're ready for work, wear them with a nice blouse and statement jewelry and you're ready for dinner with the girls.

Patterned pants:
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Floral, plaid, polka-dots, it's all game this spring. Pick your favorite patterns and mix and match for a bold statement, or keep it simple on top to make the pants stand out, either way you can't go wrong with these.

I'm working on a third post but not promising anything just yet, have a very busy couple of days ahead. I'm off to get some work done so I can hit the sack early. Goodnight lovelies.

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