Monday, September 2, 2013

My Personal Shopping Guide

Today I want to talk about shopping, because what girl doesn't enjoy a good shopping spree (a few I know, but just go with it). I have a few tips and tricks that have helped me when hitting the mall and I want to share them with you. Now, the trick with my personal shopping guide is that it is personal. Not everyone shops in the same way or enjoys it for the same reasons, so there are bound to be some tips that will not work for you. I'm just putting it all out there for those of you who may need a little assistance.

1. Have a budget
Most of us shopaholics wish we had unlimited resources in order to shop as much as our little hearts desired, but I know I don't so I need to know how much exactly I can spend. Before I even leave the house I think about how much I want/can spend and on what exactly I will spend it. Having this in mind will prevent those expensive impulse buys that you will later regret.

Tip: Instead of using your credit/debit card, take out some cash from your bank account. It will help you keep track of how much you have spent and how much you have left.

2. Make a list
Along with the budget, I think having a shopping list is probably one of the most useful tools when shopping. Going to the mall just to see what you find and wandering around with no purpose will end up costing you some money. I can't count how many times I've done this and ended up buying whatever just to spend the money and walk out with something in my hands. I know, that's not good! So make a list. Make sure you know what it is you want to buy. It doesn't have to be specific, just have a general idea of what you want to purchase.

Tip: Write down what stores are most likely to have what you're looking for. It will give you an idea of which stores to visit first, before you spend all you money.

3. Wear comfortable clothing
Okay, I know we've all seen them! Those crazy ladies who go to the mall in heels. Nothing irks me more than girls who try too hard when going to the mall. I'm sure there are some who have a genuine reason for wearing 5 inch heels at the mall, but I'm going out on a limb here and assume that most don't. I can't stress enough how good it feels to be comfortable when walking around for long periods of time. If you are most comfortable in jeans and flats, then wear jeans and flats. If you feel great in a dress and sandals, work that dress with those sandals girl! There's no need to spend hours stressing over which is the most fashion forward/daring/revealing/attention grabbing outfit.

Tip: A maxi dress, easy to slip on and off sandals, and a cross body bag is the perfect shopping outfit.

4. Shop alone and slowly
Some girls really enjoy shopping with their friends, but personally I know I make better decisions when I'm by myself. I have plenty of items I've bought because my friends thought I "needed it asap" only to find out that I really didn't. Yes it's fun when your friends are with you, but if you're looking to do some serious shopping go alone. It's also important to take your time when making decisions and trying things on. There's no need to rush when it's just you.

Tip: If you feel like you need a second opinion ask a sales associate! They can be of great help. If you still need feedback from your friends you can call, text, facetime, skype, snapchat, whatever method of communication you use.

5. Know the return policy
We have all been there, you walk into a store and see that great top you think may fit, but aren't really in the mood to try it on. Knowing what the return policy of the store is will help you decide if you should risk it or not. It will also save you from the headache of "what do you mean I can't return this?! Can't you see it's (insert whatever reason here)?!!!!" Yea...I've been there too.

Tip: Ask more than one employee for the return policy, just to make sure you are getting the correct information.

I realize this is a wordy post, but I hope that it is helpful to you! I will have a few more tips coming up in the next few weeks :)

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